It Won’t Be Last

I was sitting in my cabin near window, getting myself ready for a long journey ahead. The cabin was vacant except one middle aged man who was arranging his bed and sheets on the upper berth. I was looking outside on the platform to the vendors, coolies, ticket collectors, passengers in hustle. A young well dressed lad entered my cabin. Frightened and sweating, He sat beside me and talked, explaining how he came from Chandigarh to Delhi and lost his bag on the way. He was left with his phone only.  His home was Pune and he couldn’t even buy tickets to reach there. He asked for money, showing his Facebook profile, giving me his number. He said as soon as he will reach his home, he will transfer the money back to my account. I was in a confusing situation now as his stories and credentials seemed right. I believed it would be a good thing to be useful for a helpless person. To end the dilemma, I drew my wallet out, looking at the middle aged man on the upper berth. He was smiling which made me more uncomfortable. I gave him 1000 bucks. He said it will not be enough for tickets, if I can add more it will serve his purpose. He told me about the next train which will take him to Nagpur and then he will continue his journey from there. I added 500 more. He thanked me twice. I had that wonderful aura which we have after each good deed.

I had a long journey and I kept traveling for next day and night. In between he messaged me twice that how thankful he is for my help and kept informing me about his journey. I was about to reach my destination when I checked his Facebook profile. I saw comments about him being drug addict. After forwarding one or two messages to his friends/relatives I confirmed that he was an addict. His family not granting him so he kept lending money and conning people. I tried to talk to him but his number was switched off. I felt gypped and decided to not repeat such act of kindness. Let them face their destiny, I am not responsible for anyone’s situation. When train reached destination, middle aged man said while stepping down “You did right. To help a forlorn person is better than getting cheated.”. Those words kept repeating inside my head, as I reached at prepaid taxi booth a small girl came, begging for food. Her clothes were torn and hair jumbled.I was fooled, It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last but it will not affect human values in me. These values are the virtue which reminds us of being alive and if it will die what will stay. I took her to the vendor and bought food and again I had that wonderful aura which we have after each good deed.

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